Jared Meeker: return of the spiderfinger

Improvising Lives by Jared Meeker

Jared Meeker video of Escalator from CD "Aracnodactyl". This features a guitar by Michael Spalt. For more info go to jaredmeeker.net, myspace.com/jaredmeeker or spaltinstruments.com


guitar jam2

A long time between updates...Jared Meeker springs up with his video for the Greg Howe Competition. Lets hope Greg keeps this idea going!!

Direct Injection- Jared Meeker solo over Greg Howe track

Jump Start- Jared Meeker solo over Greg Howe track

Extraction- Jared Meeker solo over Greg Howe track

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Jared Meeker is based in Los Angeles, he started his first band when he was 12. Since his ealry teens he dedicated himself to playing guitar, winning several competitions, featuring in guitar magazines teaching for the National Guitar Workshop (NGSW).

In 1994, he attended California Institute of the Arts where during his four years study he played jazz, carnatic, contemporary classical, chamber orchestra, traditional macedonian, folk, industrial and funk!

Find out more about jared from his biography, discography and music.