Sven Stichter: ghosts preview

A curious happenstance, there I was checking my MySpace bulletins, to be greeted with one from Sven Stichter...saying check out his new track on the new TA II CD...and I was just listening to the very same track "In The Beginning"...which also features fellow truthinshredding alumni Thorsten Koehne.

Well what can I say but buy the CD of course...and see if you get the same spooky experience...I have no doubt in my mind, that if your a real fan of guitar, you'll have to have it in your collection to sample the sizzling sonic delights.

Sven Stichter has a new lesson on Shred Academy: Symmetrical Senselessness Hysterically Harmonized

You can now hear Sven playing on his myspace web site:

Sven Stichter was born in Germany in 1974. He started playing guitar at age 13. When he was 17 he attended the American Institude of Music.

He has had a number 1 and several top ten hits in Turkey! He has also played several tv/radio jingles as well as samples for musicsoftware and sample cd`s.

He is currently working on his solo album and contributes his ideas and playing for a house album and a retro-soul cd.

Sven was brought to my attention by Matt Williams, Liquid Note Records, some years ago, so it is good news that Liquid Note Records will be releasing one of his tracks on "The Alchimists II" CD

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