Vincenzo Fiore: mr mrs sippy

This video is Vincenzo Fiore with the band at Meet 2007 Milano, for

Vincenzo Fiore

A new web site and some new music with tasty solo work on musicistiweb to celebrate.

For fans of his old web site design

Vincenzo Fiore is on 1167 | 1165

He also has some video on google video.

Mrs Sippy


Vincenzo Fiore was born on 17th March 1978 in Vico Equense, Naples, Italy. In 1996 he attained a high-school diploma and at the same time he began his interest in music and the electric guitar.

Among his influences are the bands:Queen, Pink Floyd, Police and guitarists, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Mike Stern etc.

Since 1998 Vincenzo Fiore has been working with pop-rock bands and with more demanding bands playing instrumental fusion music. He also plays more laid back music in orchestras, electric and acoustic guitar solos.

Check out his video | mp3


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