Stefan Rosqvist: after neverland

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It's been a while in coming, but I'm happy to tell you about the latest (and final) Liquid Note Records CD, The Guitar Diaries, due for release in a few months' time. Stefan Rosqvist is a highly respected guitarist who hails from Helsingborg in Sweden. He was last heard on 2007's The Alchemists II with the affecting 'At Last' (w/Bo Ericsson). His solo album has been a long time in the coming, but we think it was worth it.

Reuniting with respected Swedish session guitarist, Bo Ericsson (Ominox), Stefan has moulded an incredible CD full of some of the most haunting, powerful, joyous and heartbreaking instrumental melodies you're likely to hear in quite some time. In collaboration with the aforementioned Ericsson - not to mention a plethora of players such as Christofer Malmström (Darkane), Chris Schleyer, Phi Yaan-Zek and Lalle Larson (Ominox/Electrocution 250) - The Guitar Diaries is going to turn heads for sure. If like us you've become jaded by all these lightning-fast, super-saavy shredders and long for mature musicianship, rock solid, emotional melodies and ... well, just great playing, then you're in for a treat with The Guitar Diaries. There's something for every taste on this album, with the emphasis slap-bang on melody, production, composition and evolving moods.

With solid rocking support from powerhouse drummer, Peter Wildoer (Darkane/Electrocution 250) and bassist Joakim Attoff, we promise that this will be one hell of a CD for LNR to go out on!

The official retail price of The Guitar Diaries will be £8.99 / $17.99 US dollars / 13.99 EUR. However, if you preorder now you will be able to purchase the CD for £7.99 / $15.99 US dollars / 11.99 EUR. Not only this. If you preorder you will also be sent an unique CD-R of 1 extra song, demo tracks, plus bonus 'surprises' which won't appear anywhere else. The Guitar Diaries is completed and will go to the pressing plant in the next month or so. It will be released approximately May 2008.

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Matt Williams
Head of Liquid Note Records

Stefan Rosqvist has indicated that his new CD on Liquid Note Records entitled Guitar Diaries will be out in January 2008.

The guitar player that Magnus Olsson raves about... so you know he must be good! Release details coming through the ether for the new CD from Stefan Rosqvist. This is set to be a top notch CD, that's the word on the street from my blogosphere spys. The CD entitled "Guitar Diaries" it also features Bo Eriksson. Stefan Rosqvist should have mixed the CD this month with drummer Peter Wildoer. Stefan Rosqvist says:
The music and playing turned out great on this cd with a little help of some friends. I think it´s going to hit the internet in December.

While you wait... check out the tracks from his MySpace site:

Rob and the ultra memorable Neverland

Lets all hope it arrives before Christmas ready for our Christmas stockings!

Stefan Rosqvist was added a a place marker, until I get more complete information together. However Staefan is also on MySpace: You can also check out some musical interludes, including Neverland, from Liquid note Records Alchemists CD.

Stefan Rosqvist was born in Sweden. His main claim to fame is as guitarist for band Dawn of Oblivion.

Stefan also appeared on the first Alchemists CD with the track neverland.

He joined the band Dawn of Oblivion and has releases a number of CD's, check out the web site for full details. You can also listen to mp3.