Scott Hughes: the in-between phase

Scott Hughes provides a quick improv/noodling with his Brian Moore MC/1 (loaded with Dimarzio's) into an Xotic BB Preamp, Ibanez AD9, and Fender Blues Junior amp. Slight reverb from amp.

amp/tone test

More super sounds for the competition. Scott Hughes entry for Greg Howe's "Play for Me" contest. Improvised on Brian Moore MC/1 into Xotic BB Preamp and thru Fender Blues Junior.

Scott Hughes - Play For Me Entry

This video was shot at the UMA Jazz Week performance of the fusion ensemble on April 27,2007. Guitars: Scott Hughes, Chris Miller, Adam Bosse Drums: Nick Gallagher Bass: Harry Bonish Piano: Christina Richards.

guitar solo

23-01-2007: item first published
Scott Hughes is from South Portland, Maine, USA. He is one of the Northeast's busiest guitar instructors, providing 60 private students, as well as serving on the faculty of the University of Maine-Augusta music department, where he teaches guitar and directs the "Progressive Rock" ensemble.

Scott was featured in Guitar Player magazine "Spotlight". Scott has also worked with players like Derryl Gabel and Ryan Jeffery Smoots.

Scotts' latest CD is available on guitar9 The In Between Phase

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