Stephane Pilette: working in the metal zone

Stephane Pilette with another video using the great ultra swede model

hagstrom ultra swede song

Stephane Pilette with another warm up song using his new schecter 7 strings, "it's really a great guitar."

schecter omen extreme 7 stephane crazy metal song

Stephane Pilette - Guitar Work, live in concert date announced. On Friday Feb 22, 2008 at 9:00 PM
bisserweg, 9 (GRUND)
Luxembourg 1238,

Stephane Pilette... super heavy on the new Schecter...

plus the ubiquitous delay song. This one is Stephane Pilette using his new Schecter, with a delay of 350ms. working on a new solo part for the concerts.

schecter omen extreme 7 stephane delay song

Stephane Pilette continues to impress. This is another video using Jackson Kelly. This is an improvisation using different techniques over a loop backing track.

crazy fusion rock guitar solo

and the super fast warm up song with a great tempo played with a Jackson Kelly with Bill Lawrence mics.

crazy guitar song

A sign of impending bad weather? More notes than you can shake a stick at... Stephane Pilette improv with his old Godin, the first time he's played the guitar for 10 years.

impro godin st6

plus a warm up using tapping technique

stephane improvisation 2 tapping

then the hat of doom and a mega bt romp out.

improvisation hagstrom swede

Stephane Pilette is now available in Europe from Guitar Euroshop for 11 euros.

Stephane Pilette is on MySpace: Lots of video on are some samples.

improvisation jackson rock

improvisation ibanez jem

improvisation olp rock

new idea impro olp

improvisation olp 2 rock

Stephane Pilette: was born in Belgium. He's been playing guitar for 14 years. Much of his playing technique has evolved from his playing in metal, funk-rock, latino rock, and currently acoustic rock bands. He is primarily self taught.

Influences include: Pat Metheny, Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe, Patrick Rondat, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Dan Huff, Yngwie J. Malmsteen,....

His first CD "Guitar work part 1" is available from guitar 9