Joshua Van der Stam: hot snake shredding

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anaconda - overture

Tem Tem Vilu


Kai Kai Vilu


Joshua Van der Stam was born in 1985 in Amsterdam and is mixed Chilean-Dutch nationality. n the musical scope Joshua began to play the guitar, influenced by his uncle Stan van Opstal who was a jazz guitarist. His mother bought his to him first guitar only to the 4 years of age and his first class at the age of 6. He lived in Amsterdam until he was 5 years old emigrating to Chile. When he finished his studies he went to the Music University of Valparaiso. He left Chile and went to Buenos Aires, Argentina to study Political Sciences.

He got his first electric guitar at the age of 13. He got into grunge music forming a Nirvana tribute band. Later playing tributes to Metallica and heavy metal in general.

In September of the 2001 he recorded his first single. He began to play in bands in the Santiago area working with well-known guitarist Alexander Silva. He left the bands and set up his own solo Anaconda project.

He is currently in London writing material.