Nebojsa Buhin: secret guitar language


Nebojsa Buhin's Guitar Language is his 2007 CD,

and the album was produced by Croatian producer Niksa Bratos. The CD blends rock with blues and jazz, combining acoustic and electric guitars with other instruments (violin, piano). It features nine instrumental and one vocal track (Latin rock tune, "Big Girl", which features singer Ricardo Luque), and assembles some of the best Croatian musicians together on the disc.

healing touch

The Buzz, live

Nebojsa Buhin Nebo is born 1971. in Bjelovar, Croatia. He plays instrumental music, combining pop-rock with blues and jazz. Nebo received 3 STATUS AWARD (Croatian musician union award) as the most prominent guitarist in the category pop, rock music (2003, 2005, 2006.).

First promo CD called BABE is recorded; includes 4 instrumental tracks. Same year Nebo moves to Hamburg, Germany, where he works as a studio musician, recording mostly for Eddy Christoffer´s Adagio Productions. Collection of songs they made together is available on mini CD SIGNS (2003.). In 2001. Nebo played with German singer Inusa, touring in Germany, Austria. Nebo played on his 2 CDs - PHARAOH STYLE and RAIN AND SHINE. After returning to Croatia Nebo released CD 10 GUITAR STORIES in 2003.

Nebo has recently been honoured with the award of the city of Bjelovar for significant cultural contribution for the year 2007.