Cam Plouffe: purveyor of jamming fusion

Cam Plouffe is on MySpace: you really must visit his MySpace to appreciate what his palying is really about.. in the meantime check out the 19 year old Cam's entry for the Greg Howe "I WANT YOU TO PLAY FOR ME!" contest. Gear: Classic Player '50s Strat into a PODxt through a pair of speakers.

Cam Plouffe - Greg Howe Extraction

Cam Plouffe is from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. He plays guitar for In Future Without Fail... but would rather be in a Jazz/Funk band

Influences include: Scott Henderson, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, Michael Landau, Brett Garsed, Meshuggah, Opeth, John Petrucci, Charlie Parker, Porcupine Tree, Pat Metheny (Group), Tribal Tech, Bill Evans, Mike Patton, Amon Tobin, people on ninjam.