Gordon Giltrap: rick wakeman collaboration

Time to get in the old time machine. Gordon Giltrap (of heart song fame) and Rick Wakeman have recorded a collaborative album. The album entitled From Brush And Stone which was recorded late in 2007 finds both musicians in top form throughout and the album will certainly be one of the musical highlights of 2008. Both Gordon and Rick have worked together frequently although this will be the first time both have worked together on a full album. Initial copies of the album will also include a DVD of an Interview filmed in July 2007 and also live tracks.
Gordon Giltrap Heart Song

Gordon has this to say about the album:
"First of all the title. We wanted it to pretty much say on the tin what the music is all about. The theme running through the main bulk of the album apart from two tracks, Maddie Goes West and By Angle Tarn is music inspired by two art forms, painting and sculpture, and to that end I came up with the title of FROM BRUSH AND STONE. Rick's tracks relate to sculptural images, such as classics like The Kiss and Michelangelo's David, and my pieces are five movements from The Brotherhood suite, the pre-Raphaelite inspired composition dating back to 1987".