Joop Wolters: greg howe play for me II

Wow, Joop Wolters did a real clever thing, extracted the backing track from the vocal orientated Greg Howe track High Gear, then laid some solid riffing as his entry into the Greg Howe play for me II competition!

Don't forget the Joop is headed for New York in June, Joop says:
On the 21 of July I will be flying to the USA for the first time... I got invited to do a couple of shows in NYC and get a chance to see something of New York and perhaps meeting people that I met on the net..:)...

Be sure to come over at one of the dates if you have the time and the chance..:)

24 "FAT BABIES" package with Cheryl Pyle Trio 112 Rivingtonstreet

29 July..musicstore "SAM ASH",I will be doing an in store can ask me there all kinds of questions too if you want.......also there will be some filming for FOX 5 for a kabel music show....48-th street, midtown Manhatan..

31 "BAR ON A" package with Cheryl Pyle trio, 11-th street, New York
Thanx to Cheryl Pyle for inviting me over to New York to have this nice opportunity to come and do some playing over there..;)

grts, joOp..