Niko Tsonev: black feather

Niko Tsonev has released a new CD Black Feather:

1. It Sounds Prettier In French
2. Black Feather
3. The Barbarian
4. The Dance Of The Rooster
5. Blowtorch
6. Oily Finger
7. The Great Hawaiin Extravaganza
8. Rye
9. Samurai Gitarisuto
10. Rum And Ukulele

Bulgarian born Niko Tsonev is a guitarist combining the soulful depth of Blues and Country, the sophistication of Fusion and the ferocity of Shred.

Niko likes to combine a killer performance with strong song writing, and one listen to his boundary stretching playing and compositions explains why players such as Ron Thal, Mr. Fastfinger and other great name guitarists are all impressed by his approach. As well as his work as a solo artist, he has several projects like his gypsy band The Death Orchestra.

Niko has featured on records and live shows as a producer, arranger, vocalist and MD. Since arriving in London in 1996 Niko has played on shows/tours/sessions for acts as diverse as Mark Owen-Take That, Richard Ashcroft, S-Club, Toby Smith-Jamiroquai, producer Youth, producer Mushtaq (Madonna, Sugababes, Liberty X, Terry Hall, Big Brovaz and many others.

Since 2004 Niko has also scored music for movies like Romans 12:20, The Bridge (2005, starring Andrea Corr) which won awards at the Hollywood and Sundance Film Festivals.

Niko will be taking the show on the road in 2008 to promote his debut solo album "Black Feather". CDs : Black Feather ( 2008 )

Influences include Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Scott Henderson, Richie Kotzen and Albert Lee.