Steve Lukather: toto rip

Mega kudos to the guitar channel for the scoop on this news, even if it less of a surprise than you might naturally think.

Steve Lukather says:
...I just cant do it anymore and at 50 years old I wanted to start over and give it one last try on my own. As the only original member that had NEVER ever left or missed even ONE gig or recording I figured I might as well do it myself now while I can still get out and do it and have a new record that just came out and a new band that is unreal and a tour booked that will take me thru the end of summer 2009 and beyond. The title of my record says it all. Ever Changing Times.

Today I conferred with my soul brother and founding member David Paich on this matter. He wrote me back and he said "We are FREE"! I laughed out loud. I don't think he thought this was Toto any more either.

There are no bad feelings from me to the other guys at all. I wish them only the very very best and all the good things in life and I am sure we will run into each other here or there and it will be hugs and all, hope so anyway.
So, there you have it. I hope you will come out to one of my shows and thank you for 31 years of friendship."
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