Alex Masi: three new cd's, european and usa tour dates

A big thanks to Linda Arroz, for the news update for Alex Masi.

Alex Masi announces the release of next three albums and tour dates:
Ernie Ball / Music Man™ Guitar Clinics will coincide with Masi’s Itinerary. In the wake of his successful Spring 2008 tour of Italy, Grammy® nominated uber guitarist Alex Masi is planning to go back on tour in late fall 2008. A few stops on his multiple-city European tour will include personal appearances and guitar clinics for Ernie Ball® / Music Man®, who recently inked an endorsement agreement with Masi. Los Angeles tour dates are in the works and will be announced in September 2008.

Masi is back at work in his Haunted Hill Studio, with three projects lined up. He’s known as much for his classical opuses as he is for his instrumental rock and metal compositions.

Masi explains, “Continuing in the same tradition as ‘In The Name of Bach,’ I’m doing a Vivaldi album. It’s my personal homage to the composer who represents the city of Venice to the world, my fellow Venetian, Antonio Vivaldi. I’m choosing excerpts from the Four Seasons to some more obscure pieces...two musicians from Venice meet across the centuries...”

Inspired by the ongoing organic connections between Jazz, Fusion and Rock, Masi is also mixing it up with “Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.” He continues, “A heavily groove oriented electronica that features massive amounts of orgiastic guitars. I’m not afraid to venture into the world of dance music, I like the idea of electronic sleaze shred.” While many of Masi’s albums are instrumental, he will include vocals on this project. Adds Masi, “The third project is a rock album based on more traditional instrumentation but no less daring in terms of envelopes being pushed and cliches thrown out the window - Hendrix, Cream, Zeppelin, etcetera, but with a 21st century twist.”

All the projects will be tracked and produced at Haunted Hill Studio.