Ivan Mihaljevic: summer sandcastles

Ivan Mihaljevic has his latest CD, Sandcastles, available from cdbaby.
The Blurb:
Sandcastle is the first studio album from a young, recently discovered, incredible Croatian guitar player Ivan Mihaljevic. This CD is a journey through various styles and moods. It features 14 songs written by Ivan himself, 8 of which are completely instrumental and the other 6 also include enchanting vocal melodies.

The album lineup is:
Ivan Mihaljevic – guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion
Majkl Jagunic – bass guitar
Craig Devine – drums
And there are a few amazing guest musicians on the CD too: John Denner, Igor Tatarevic and Taher Sanuri.

Available from cdbaby

1 Sandcastle
2 Cascading Mirrors
3 Distant World
4 Bulldozer
5 Questions in My Mind (Part I)
6 Hi-tech Orient
7 Questions in My Mind (Part Ii)
8 Spring
9 Empathy
10 Macedonian War Song
11 Friend
12 Shimmering Karma
13 The Road to Nowhere
14 Raindrops