Jas Morris: inspired thoughts CD

All out guitar interview and review Jas Morris's new CD, the beautiful and atmospheric new CD ‘Inspired Thoughts’?

This album is a compilation of a few of my instrumental tracks from a selection of albums by my band - Morris Brothers Band. The earliest track recorded was done back in 2003 and the latest one was recorded a few months ago, so quite a few years between them all. It also features my Guitarist Of The Year 2003 track ‘the Hero’ which I performed at the NEC.
I called the album ‘Inspired Thoughts’ cause that’s what each track was written on, an inspired thought of some event in my life so far.

I’ve always felt there should be something more to guitar music than just sheer technical ability so I would write a song and then put what I could guitar wise over the top to suit the track as best I could. With a lot of the tracks the guitar just ‘played itself’ with regards to melody and stuff so being in the studio for me is one of my favourite things, that and of course live performance…! read more