Jason Becker: new cd and happy birthday and rusty cooley

Birthday wishes from truth in shredding!!

Jason says:
Happy Birthday to Me

My Friends!

First of all, I can't thank you enough for all of your great birthday wishes, cards and gifts. You are too cool. I love you guys.

Believe it or not, Dan and I finished the new CD! It will come out the second half of October, barring any business delays. I am so happy with it. The new songs are "River of Longing" (5:55), "River of Longing Reprise" (4:16), and "Electric Prayer for Peace" (11:51). Some people say it's my best music yet. There are some bonus MP3s when you stick the CD into your computer. Over 16 minutes of extra music, mostly never heard guitar stuff. There are 11 minutes of me just noodling and ripping for students. That is for guitar fans who noodle around themselves.

We had a great birthday party last Sunday with forty guests. Firkins, Flipsyde and other cool folks jammed. Awesome stuff. As opposed to my past hot ass birthday parties, it was hell of windy and chilly. Thank you everyone for coming. It was such a blast hanging with all of you awesome friends. (Except you, Dan. heh heh). I will try to post photos soon.

Paradise Guitars and I are hoping to get the JB guitar out around the same time as my album. It will be so cool, just like my numbered fretboard guitar only better. It is kicking ass. I am so stoked to be working with those cool guys. It will have my own headstock design. Paradise has some great plans. I will keep you posted.

Pro Tone Pedals and I are working on making a Jason Becker Perpetual Burn "distortion" pedal. It is really more than just distortion. It is sounding great. My dad's painting will be on the face. It will probably come out in October. Rusty Cooley is helping with the development. You can see him trying the first prototype:

Rusty Cooley Rocking the Jason Becker Pedal

Shred Neck is working on a Jason Becker model. It will look like my blue Carvin neck.

My buddy Dave Lopez used one of my numbered guitars in the latest Flipsyde video, "Champion," for the Olympics. It looks sexy. Great video. You can see a clip of it on Flipsyde's MySpace page. It will start running on NBC on August 8th. It was so cool meeting you, Piper and Steve. You guys are so awesome.

I have now had ALS for half of my life, over nineteen years. I don't know whether to cry or celebrate for beating the odds. Eh, fuck it. I shall celebrate.

I highly recommend checking out Greg Howe's Sound Proof CD. I am loving it. Every musician is brilliant. Greg does an awesome cover of the Rufus song "Tell Me Something Good." It kills me. Also check out Michael Lee Firkins' CD Blacklight Sonatas. Beautiful. Firkins is amazing. I think we all know how much I dig Firkins. I also suggest looking for the song by the great Mattias Eklundh called Minor Swing. It blew me away. Django, but with metal guitar tone. Cool horns. Damn that guy. Heh heh.

Remember when I won that Guitar Magazine's readers' poll for "Metal God in Waiting?" (Funny). They sent me a really nice glass trophy thing. I am bummed because my dog accidentally knocked it off a shelf and shattered it into a million pieces. Doh! Ah, well, I guess it was just a material object. Still, boo hoo.

Big love,