Marcel Coenen: instructional dvd available again

Marcel Coenen posted in the petrucci forum:
For all of you who asked me for my instructional DVD I have them available again ! The DVD is filmed and compiled in Taiwan, at Vision Quest Company. The lessons are English spoken and have chinese subtitles below. The DVD has the following covered:
- An hour and a half full of lessons, including techniques as Sweep Picking, Legato Playing, Brain exercises, Muting, Coordinationand Accuracy, Vibrato (Tremolo and fingers), Dynamics, Melody Construction.
- 15 Licks (Fusion, Rebel, The Wet Season, Anthem, Shoreline, Moyra, Move That Groove, Waiting, Abstract Impact, Patron Saint, The Skill Factor, Soil (Sun Caged), Sedation (Sun Caged) and The Shrink)
- 5 complete songs played live, filmed with three camera's so you can see very clearly how they are played (New Race, Moyra, La Bella Mira, Fusion and The Skill Factor)
- Complete Tablature for all lessons in PDF format, as well as one complete song transcribed (New Race).

If you want a copy you can send me an email and I will let you know how you can get a copy.
email me at and tell me where you are from (country) cause this matters for the shipping costs.Greets Marcel