Joe Cefalu: we have nothing to fear...

Joe Cefalu has a new CD, Fear Itself. Guitar9 says:
Guitarist Joe Cefalu composed and recorded Fear Itself drawing on the influences of the guitar heroes of his formative years. "The playing styles of guitarists like David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Brian May, Hendrix and Jimmy Page speak to me most loudly", says Joe. Joe recorded the tunes on Fear Itself as they were composed, without any preconceived concept for the overall collection of songs. As a result, the tunes are varied in style, ranging from riff-driven rock to gospel-tinged blues, from lush arrangements to more sparse, power-trio numbers. There are even some jazz flavored lines and fusion compositions on the album. However, there is never a sense of any hodge-podge collision of genres. Instead, the songs are represented in a fluid, cohesive manner thanks to Cefalu's dynamic playing style. Fans of melodic, gutsy guitar playing and adventurous, groove-driven music will find plenty to enjoy when they fire up Joe Cefalu's: Fear Itself

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Track list
02:36 Gravesend Blues
04:21 Crop Circles
03:30 The Big Tall Wish
05:03 Blackie Redd
02:07 Signor Max
05:14 The Fear
03:47 Suckerpunch
03:37 Grey Sea At Dawn
05:57 By Any Other Name
03:08 Riddle Me This