Joe Stump: cd updates

Thanks to blabbermouth... Joe Stump has issued the following update:
"I've done a few guest appearances on several upcoming things. One would be Matt Mill's new 'Neoclassical Spirit' release. Matt's a monster player and a good friend of mine. I've got a lengthy solo on the track 'Enoch's Journey'. I appear on the record along with George Bellas and David Shankle (both killer players and friends of mine). I also appear on Mike Vescera's new solo offering as well as the upcoming JACK STARR'S BURNING STAR record. I've been a fan of Jack's for many years going back to the old BURNING STARR records of the '80s, so it was a real treat to contribute to his new record, which, by the way, is going be a bad-ass slab of metal.

"Speaking of bad-ass, my new record is entitled 'Virtuostic Vendetta', and let me tell you it's going live up to its title! I'm all business on this thing. Also the track I did for the Magic Maestro record, 'The Story Of Swan Lake' (recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra), is currently available on You can download the track for 99 cents by clicking here. I'll go out on a limb here saying that it's the most amount of notes you'll likely get for less than a dollar. It's a speed metal version of TCHAIKOVSKY's 'Enchanted Lake' theme. I'm really proud of the adaptation, as I was given the score to the entire piece and I had to incorporate certain key sections of the score in the arrangement. It was a lot of fun and quite challenging as well."