Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g's head is up high

Firewind have just premiered their new video 'Head Up High'. The song comes off the band’s new album The Premonition

Head Up High

Bravewords note:
Furthermore, Firewind's Bob Katsionis (guitars, keyboards) recently recorded an instructional lesson that can now be viewed on the band’s official YouTube page www.youtube.com/firetv. Stay tuned for new episodes featuring vocal lessons from Apollo, drum lessons from Mark and additional Gus G. clips, which should be posted over the next couple of weeks.

Katsionis comments: “In this series of lessons, I will show and explain some of my keyboard solos and parts out of The Premonition album, as well as present some of my simultaneous keyboard and guitar performances. This first video lesson contains stuff from the songs ‘Into The Fire’, ‘Angels Forgive Me’ and some lead keyboard licks.”