Bobby Ferrara: invisible and new cd

Angel Ferrara posted a track from Bobby Ferrara, some hot aor rock with sizzling guitar leads. Join Angel and listen to the track:

Angel posted this some time back:
As many of you may know, my sweet love Bobby untimely went to heaven before he had the opportunity to complete his anticipated debut album. Amongst the many pains and struggles I have had to now endure, I did not want to make having his music now sit in limbo, one of them. I have vowed to myself to have this project completed in his honor and my deep love for him.

I am currently working with an awesome artist Ingrid, from Seleny’s Design in France on creating the artwork for the CD. Her work is amazing and I am looking forward to viewing the finished results. I have to thank greatly, both Vivien Lalu, and Henrik Bath for their continued support and work on the CD. Bobby had been working with them on this project and I am determined and grateful to them for continuing and helping me finish this act of love.

Vivien is an incredible keyboardist and producer,and I know he will do beautiful work. Bobby was instantly drawn to the vocals of Henrik whom will be singing three or four songs on the CD. He is fantastic and I am sure everyone will be quite pleased with the final outcome.

I am aiming for October 2008 for a release date It will be named "Underneath It All", a name Bobby had chosen already and one that I think will be perfect. I do hope everyone will support the cd and help make Robert’s music live and last forever+**+***+***+*** Peace, Angel

Well the news is that there will be 3 tunes on the CD with vocals. They are done by Henrik Bath. Angel is currently waiting for the third track now "blind" with vocals.
The progress on the final CD continues apace and it's currently planned for Q1 2009.