News: petruccifever guitar contest

PetrucciFever says:
[upload your improv and win!]

Solo Contest - SPECIAL PRIZE


Let´s see, how many of you will participate!

Hopefully, this will be great fun!


Standard Tuning: EADGBE


E7M/C#, C#madd9/A, Bsus2, F#7add11


SPECIAL PRIZE: Paul Gilbert Signature Pick! You won´t find it anywhere for sale! I went to his show last week and he threw it into the crowd after using it for the first couple of songs. It was the ONLY pick he threw towards the audience that night!

The orange pick (which is taller and thinner than his well-known small signature pick) shows the cover of his latest record on the front and his brandnew Ibanez signature model "reversed Iceman" on the back.


One of the enterants

darkVinx-- Le grand Bleu (solo contest)

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