Romain "Roo" Chapus: major 7th arpeggios


Roo says:


tempo: 140bpm, rhy pattern: 16th notes (fast demo), whole notes (slow demo) Here, I demonstrate 2 different positions to perform a Major 7th arpeggios. Basically this arpeggios has 4 notes. for instance the first one is F Major7th (FM7) notes are: F-A-C-E and E is the 7th which is pretty easy to remember as it is 1/2 step before the root note (F)... So, I perform those arpeggios in descending and ascending positions... The technique I use is sweeping and I guess you know what Im talking about. The demo with rhythm section's musical goal is to show thoses arpeggios in a musical context but I could have played them over different positions toward the fingerboard... In the fast demo I play 4notes/beat and in the slow demo I play 1note/bar. I advice to practice slowly and watch the position of my hands. Don't crisp. Try to palm mute right hand to prevent strings resonances.

Major 7th arpeggios over 6 strings sweeping

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