Rusty Cooley: outworld houstan texas

Rusty Cooley and Outworld, no embedding: The poster says:
This is Video I shot of Outworld doing a show at the Forgettaboutit Club in Houston, TX. The first part is them setting and some bonus Rusty riffs. The second part is the band playing riders. I have the whole show but can't put it up here so I will eventually have each song individually up here and the whole thing on google. Sorry for the sound they were so loud my cam couldn't take that much bass, and some idiots standing up in my way sometimes. This is with the original singer KELLY SUNDOWN I think was his name

Outworld preshow and Riders at FBI Club in Houston

Outworld Live at ForgettaBoutIt Houston, Tx playing "Polar"

Outworld Live at ForgettaBoutIt Houston, Tx "The Never"