Mario Parga: shadows and light cd to feature carlos creator

Mario Parga has announced some more info about his upcoming CD Shadows and Light.

Mario says:
It's with great pleasure that I announce the new MySpace page of a very dear friend of mine, fellow guitarist Carlos Creator.

I've known Carlos since we were young kids and signed to the same record label (President Records) back in 1990. We had some great times together playing live guitar solos on BBC radio and doing interviews, each of us promoting our new albums at that time. We became good friends and still keep in touch regularly today. Carlos is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most interesting guitarists in the World and a genuinely nice guy too.

We last played guitars together (and got very drunk... LOL) in July last year when Carlos came to stay with us at our old house in England. We shredded it up with Spanish guitars, whisky and laughter :-) He's playing a guest guitar solo on the song 'Electric Lounge' from my forthcoming new solo guitar instrumental album 'Shadows & Light'.

For those of you who don't know Carlos' guitar music, I would recommend you check it out here on MySpace or on his official website His style is unpredictable, whacky, zany and groovy, yet always musical. He also plays a mean Spanish guitar!

Please add Carlos to your friends list! :-) His MySpace page can be found here: