Alex Lifeson: guitar hero is good for you.

Ultimate guitar post an audio interview with an interesting perspective on the rise of guitar hero from Alex Lifeson.

Alex Lifeson:
"Well, it's a wonderful thing. Through the course of this tour I've noticed how many young kids there were out in the audience, 9, 10, 11 years old, and they were air drumming and air guitaring all these parts to not only to those songs, but to a lot of the songs. Through those games they've been introduced to our music, and from there their parents have just taken it to the next level. It's an amazing thing to view that from the perspective of standing on a stage playing those songs and looking at these young kids getting off on it in such a great way. I'm so hopeful for the future of music because we've gone through a very difficult period, where it's become a lot more poppy and there's been a magic taken out of music, and I hope it's starting to come back. I think a lot of these young kids that start out with Guitar Hero and Rock Band are developing an interest in music and learning how to really play the songs. That is a very hopeful thing for the future of music."