Bernard Larso: taking a fusion helping hand


Fusion Guitar Lesson : Bernard B2n

Fusion Guitar Lesson part 2: Bernard B2n

Fusion Guitar Lesson part 3, longer lines, by Bernard B2n

Bernard Larso from Jakarta, Indonesia. Also nicknamed Beben or B2n, started playing classical guitar at the age of 11. His interrest on electric guitar begun when he heard Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple during 80's. There was no electric guitar course at that time, so he continued learning by ear, from various records and CD's. While playing with local bands, he said that Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big was also one of his big influence during "Lean into It" era.

In 1995, he studied guitar formally at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology), one of the major studies at MI (Musicians Institute) Hollywood, USA. Many styles and great musicians began to influence his playing during GIT era, such as Frank Gambale, Tony Mac Alpine, John Petrucci, etc, so his style were widen after that. Graduated from GIT,USA, he started playing again with some local bands, and then in 2001, with the support from a friend, bassist named Adi Dharmawan, he released his 1st solo album entitled "Searchin' for The Dream", a combination of fusion and rock style.

After solo album, he began to play as a clinician for several products, such as Crate Amps, Ibanez guitar, Vox Fx, Cort Guitar, etc. His root and attention to music education finally drew him to form IMI (Institut Musisi Indonesia), together with some other Indonesian musicians. IMI was the first modern music institute in Indonesia. He worked as the Director of Education of IMI until May 2008. Now he's focusing his career as a songwriter, arranger, music teacher, studio session guitarist,clinian,author and music consultant.

In 2005 he released his technique book "Electric Guitar Improvisation Technique" which quite successful in the market.

In 2006 again he released his 2nd instrumental guitar album "Helping Hands". This album is different from the 1st one, since he's been influenced by many jazz and fusion player like Brett Garsed, and Frank Gambale.

In 2007, he released his 2nd book "Advance Technique for Guitar". After releasing the 3rd book "FUSION GUITAR" , at the moment he's preparing his upcoming album with the band "Heaven's". His next instrumental fusion album will be released next year. This time he'll be working with number one drums clinician in Singapore and Asia "Kenny Hogan" , and still with the "explosive" bass player Franky Sadikin from Indonesia.