Billy Sheehan: to tour holy cow, who will be the guitar player?

Could this be Paul Gilbert? Aaron Small posted a great interview on bravewords:
As far as the bearded Billy goes, Sheehan admits, "it's kind of a mindblower for me. I wrote a song with him in mind and hoped I could get him. Sure enough, I did - Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. I freaked out! I couldn't believe it. I did it the right way. I emailed management, but I wasn't getting any response. So I wrote him directly and asked if he would mind playing on my record? He said, 'sure' and he fucking came over to my house! I couldn't believe it. He's one of the greatest guys you could ever meet, on top of being a supreme legend. The moment he launches on the song, the moment you hear his guitar, you instantly know it's him. It means a lot to me. I remember seeing ZZ Top open for ALICE COOPER on New Year's Eve in Buffalo in 1974. That was pretty cool."

Will Holy Cow be supported by the first ever Billy Sheehan solo headline tour? "I hope so. I'm going to try for spring or summer. Hopefully Ray (Luzier, who played drums on Holy Cow and Cosmic Troubadour) will be free. I would probably want to get another guitar player who can also play bass and sing, 'cause I'll switch between guitar and bass. There may be a keyboard or a third guitarist; a fourth guy on stage with us for whatever else happens. That's my plan on paper. Hopefully we can get in onto four wheels and rolling out of here. I've got a lot of stuff to pick from now: the solo records, TALAS, UFO, MR. BIG, DAVE ROTH. I think it would be a good night. I would really like to pay tribute to those bands and those songs. It would be cool."
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