Brian Tarquin: steve vai and a host of stars on fretworx and el becko


Grammy Award winning guitarist Brian Tarquin has put together two masterfully crafted guitar albums. The first album’ Fretworx was composed in remembrance to the 9-11 World Trade center tragedy and all the heroes that lost their lives. This CD boasts an incredible remake of the classic Jeff Beck song, “Blue Wind” featuring the famous bass player, Billy Sheehan and the legendary keyboardist Max Middleton from Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow and Wired albums on the tracks, “Solidarity” and “Jungle Room Boogie.” Brian intertwines his incredible guitar playing on each track of this instantly classic and awe-inspiring guitar compilation. As a bonus, the CD features rarity tracks from Santana, Tommy Bolin, Steve Vai and others. Partial proceeds of sales will go to Friends of Firefighters:

Blue Wind:
Spanish Harlem:

1. Blue Wind - featuring Billy Sheehan (3:55)
2. Spanish Harlem - featuring Frank Gambale (3:37)
3. Towers - featuring Steve Morse (5:15)
4. Constantinople - featuring Will Ray (4:31)
5. 86th Street - featuring Randy Coven (5:19)
6. Solidarity - featuring Max Middleton (4:02)
7. Dionysus - featuring Randy Coven (3:16)
8. Manhattan - featuring Andy Timmons (3:52)
9. Black Rose - featuring Brian Tarquin (4:31)
10. Aphrodite - featuring Hal Lindes (4:41)
11. Jungle Room Boogie - featuring Max Middleton (3:37)
12. Tears - featuring Rob Balducci (3:16)
13. Yorkville - featuring Chuck Loeb (4:42)
14. Westside Highway - featuring James Ryan (3:37)
15. Triumphant We Stand - featuring Steve Booke (4:12)
16. Funk Me Tender - Steve Vai & Randy Coven (5:17)
17. Jam In E - Santana (8:33)
18. Homeward Strut - Tommy Bolin (3:00)

On El Becko producer Brian Tarquin explores new interpretations of classic Jeff Beck such as “Blue Wind”, showing off bass legend Billy Sheehan with Tarquin & Doug Doppler going head to head with a fiery of licks. Hal Lindes, guitarist from Dire Straits, lends a talented hand on Tarquin’s remake of “You Know What I Mean” and the bass virtuoso Randy Coven tears it up on the track “Play With Me”. There is also an appearance from James Ryan, the Australian shred guitarist from the band Men At Work, with his rendition of “Big Block”. A sensational group of musicians putting an interesting and modern spin on Jeff Beck’s most legendary and revered work.

People Get Ready:
Big Block:
You Know What I Mean:
1. You Know What I Mean -Brian Tarquin & Hal Lindes (4:28)
2. Big Block - James Ryan (5:02)
3. People Get Ready - Doug Doppler (3:10)
4. The Pump - Howard Hart (6:19)
5. Blue Wind - Billy Sheehan, Brian Tarquin
& Doug Doppler (3:55)
6. Scatterbrain - Steve Bingham (5:21)
7. Star Cycle - Chris Mahoney (5:16)
8. Play With Me - Brian Tarquin
& Randy Coven (4:05)
9. Two Rivers - Martin Winch (4:24)
10. Plynth Water Down The Drain -Larry Van Fleet (3:05)
11. You Never Know - Nadia-POM (4:02)
12. Led Boots - Greg Rapaport (4:02)
13. Where Were You - Steve Brooke (3:09)