Joe Satriani: chickenfoot on course for the main menu

Blabbermouth posted:
According to bassist Michael Anthony, work has resumed on the debut album from his new collaboration with Sammy Hagar, guitar legend Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith. "Chad and I just got back this week from recording in the San Francisco area, and I am pleased to say that the basic tracks are finished and smokin'!!" he wrote in a new online posting. "Right now Joe is sprinkling some guitar magic on everything, and next week Sam will be doing vocals. Then I'll be back up there to slather some backround vocals on everything. I can't wait for all of you to check it out!! Look out 2009!!!!"

Hagar recently told about CHICKENFOOT, "We got in the studio and recorded eight demos in two days. The chemistry is everything in a band. The band changes one guy, sometimes the whole damn thing changes — look what happened when I joined VAN HALEN. But with this band, the chemistry is awesome. It's the best chemistry I've ever experienced, better than the MONTROSE chemistry, better than the VAN HALEN chemistry. We've got nine songs recorded, we're going back in December to get a couple more songs and will hopefully have a February/March release."