Marshall Harrison: formulas back in time

If you looking for the more esoteric Chrismas present for a guitar fan, then look no further than this, which will no doubt be a must have for Marshall Harrison collectors. The music is a world away from what Marshall Harrison is delivering presently. Black Sheep Sacrifice available from amazon. Leader Willie Basse says of Marshall Harrison:
"Believe it or not I was told about this kid in Houston, Texas." Basse said, "So I flew him out to do some leads and when I heard him play, I immediately said, you have to be in the band! What a great player, he stays up all hours of the night transcribing classical piano etudes to guitar! He really shreds on this album!"
. Black Sheep has featured players like Paul Gilbert, Slash , Kyle Harrison, Mitch Perry and Kurt James. Check out racerxband for more info

Slash playing with Black Sheep

Line-up :

Willie Basse - vocals and bass
Marshall Harrison - guitar
Brian Conroy - guitar
James Kottack - drums

Produced and engineered by Willie Basse.
1. Love is Not Enough 04:45
2. Someone Like You 04:20
3. Love Warrior 05:30
4. Which Side are You on? 03:55
Total playing time 18:30