Robin Trower: brian tarquin interview of the new cd seven moons tone

Robin Trower's new CD, Seven Moons Tone is in ready, Brian Tarquin asks Robin Trower about his recording techniques on his latest, Seven Moons:
I used 2 Cornell “Plexi” 18/20 amps—these are the 20 watt 1x12 combos. I would split from my pedals, running one clean and one more overdriven. On the track “Just Another Day,” I used my DejáVibe going through one amp and the other straight. My pedals were a Fulldrive II and a Clyde wah, both by Fulltone, as is the DejáVibe. The guitar was my signature model Stratocaster from the Fender custom shop, built by Todd Krause. This model is really quite a vintage-type Strat (saddles) with a seventies neck with large frets and locking tuners. I thought the larger headstock might possibly give the guitar a bit more resonance. The neck pickup is a fifties reissue, the middle is a sixties reissue, and the bridge pickup a modern winding for more oomph.
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