Glen Drover: a host of players as he sets a course for instrumental fusion land

Bravewords posted this snippet. Glen Drover says:
I recently started work on a instrumental fusion album (finally!) which I'm extremely excited about!! I have wanted to work with musicians of a higher calibre that can pull off this kind of music, and I have now found the right people for this project! The drummer of choice is Chris Sutherland (KIM MITCHELL, SAGA). Absolute Great drummer that can pull off whatever i need. period! On bass is Paul Yee. Probably one of the best fusion bass players I have heard in a long time. There will also be a few guitar "special guest" appearances as well.

Right before the holidays, we started work on the first track, which is a cover of a AL DIMEOLA song, called 'Egyptian Danza' from his Casino album. Drums and bass are complete and it sounds awesome!!! If there was anything I needed to kick me in the ass to get started, it was hearing the level of musicianship on that track!

Stay tuned for more details as the recordings develop...

Glen also has some online lesson options:
Monday, December 15th, I will be 100% ready to begin my online guitar lessons!!!! This is something I am really excited about - I have teached guitar on and off for years, but doing this with people from around the world will certainly be a new 1 for me - For those of you who have already contacted me, or if you are reading this for the 1st time, I will give you specifics once you contact me at see

Finally, Glen Drover announces guest guitarists on the upcoming Drover/Forte Instrumental album!

As promised, I have some new info on the recording of the new instrumental project I
will be doing with Stephan Forte (Adagio) pertaining to some "Guest players" who be contributing a solo on the record. As I write this, the following have agreed to do so......

Vinnie Moore - UFO
Gus G - Firewind
Jorn Viggo - Pagans Mind
Jeff Waters - Annihilator
Chris Caffery - TSO/Savatage
Chris Poland - OHM
Ron Jarzombek - Watchtower
Jeff Young - Ex Megadeth
Slav Simanic - Ex Eidolon
Stephan and myself are talking to a few other players, so there will be updates on this as soon as they confirm... Believe me, a few people I am trying to confirm are some of my favorite players (as is with those so that already did confirm), so this is going to be a great project for myself and Stephan - We are doing this for no other reason than we want to, as we have a total "Carte Blanche" as to what style of music we are going to take, we only know at this point that there will be a ton of guitars on it :) Much more on this in due time.........

Talk to you soon,



This summer, Glen will be doing an Instrumental album with Stephan Forte from the band "Adagio"! It will contain a total of 10 songs, which will feature a different "special guest" guitarists for each song! Song writing and recording will commence shortly. Info about special guests and other musicians on the album soon to follow...

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