Dave Fiuczynski: new cd, kif express

Dave Fiuczynski gets a full expose on allaboutjazz for the new cD described as:
Maniacal and brilliant, double neck fretted and fretless guitarist David "Fuze" Fiuczynski releases "KiF Express", a follow up to his ground-breaking 2001 release "Kif". A deeper look into the other-worldly sounds of this lauded and completely original p


1. Shiraz
2. Moonring Bacchanal
3. Sakura - Ying Hua
4. Cumin
5. Habibi Bounce
6. Fung Wah Express
7. Arcadia Finlandia
8. Phoenix Rising
9. Almond Pear
10. Ek Balaam
11. Sakalahachi