Ethan Brosh: review of namm 2009

Ethan Brosh's recent appearance at NAMM 2009 is documented in this recent MySpace post:
This year NAMM was just too much fun! It seems like every year it becomes more and more exciting for me. I was very happy I got the opportunity to play so much on all four days. This is the second time I'm playing at the ISP technologies booth for Buck Waller. The guy is a genius and he designs some of the most amazing gear you could ever find. We shot a video of me playing Night City off of Out of Oblivion and hopefuly it will be up on the isp technologies website and on youtube very soon. We recorded the sound pretty well so hopefully it will be a nice quality video.

I was also playing at the NADY booth for the first time. I got treated very well by everyone at NADY and had a blast playing for them. They head two Nady heads and 4X12 cabs so I got to play in stereo! (Hell yeah!) Their booth was placed in a really good spot right in the middle of all the action. I put up a video of me playing Blade Runner at NADY up on youtube.

Besides having the time of my life playing and being seen by so many people, I got the chance to see George Lynch playing with a Dokken tribute band! It sounded like the old Dokken! George is just such an amazing player and a super super cool guy! I am so happy he played on Downward Spiral in my album.

I saw Greg Howe playing at Tone Merchants. He did a two hour show. He played kick it all over from his first album! It was so exciting! That night Greg's playing I thought was better than ever. It doesn't seem possible but I think he keeps getting better and better! At the end of the show he brought Jennifer Batten for a jam. I talked to her for a bit and she's a really cool lady!

I felt so lucky to get the chance to see Racer-X live!!! What a line up it was for that Ibanez show at the Sheraton! Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert and Racer-X! Ran into Andy after his show and like always he was the nicest guy on the planet. His playing was off the wall! Racer-X was just so nice to see after so many years of listening to those old albums. They actually played JUST the old stuff! Paul Gilbert had two white Marshall stacks. It was just way to cool!

I could go on and on and on about all the shows we got to see and all the amazing people and old friends I ran into. It was very nice talking with the cool guys at Kahler...Looking forwards to many years of working with them. I also got a guitar from a Korean company name Alden. The guys were very cool and hopefully we're going to do some nice work together. The guitar they gave me is so beautiful and plays like a dream!

All in all I just couldn't ask for a better show. Had the time of my life and can't wait for next year! BTW...If you end up going to the Summer NAMM in Nashville, I'll be playing at the ISP booth so come say hi...Ethan