Neal Morse: classic rock revisited interview

Neal Morse discusses life the universe and everything in this interview with Ryan Sparks for classic rock revisited

Neal Morse says:
It just kind of flowed out that way. I always just try to follow the flow of what God wants me to do at any given time, on any given day, so that’s what I felt at that time and that’s what came out. It’s sort of interesting because Mike Portnoy said to me I think it was when we were doing Sola Scriptura, he told me that he wanted to put in a request as a fan. He said that he hoped that on my next album it would be more structured like a Kindness of Strangers or Day for Night, with a kind of longer prog thing at the beginning, then some separate shorter songs followed by maybe a longer piece at the end. So Mike kind of gave the call a year or two years ago, whatever it was [laughing]. That was how it ended up and I always think about what he said, and it’s funny that’s how it ended up. I did have it in my mind, so I don’t know how much of an influence that was but it did end up like that.

In the interview he also mentions Paul Bielatowicz, Paul Gilbert. full post