Panos Arvanitis: heart full of soul

Panos Arvanitis is on MySpace: Check out these videos with Panos delivering rock guitar with plenty of feel!

shred vs vintage

shredding with my vinnie moore signature fender

larry carlton style backing track

funky improvise part i

funky improvise part ii

BB KING backing track blues solo my way

CASUS BELLI were formed in 1997 by guitarist Panos Arvanitis and vocalist Panos Dedes. Since 1994 Arvanitis and Dedes had collaboration with another band, which was formed by Arvanitis and called Condemnation. In1993,Condemnation had already released a record through an independent record company called Molon Lave Records.

When Panos Dedes came back from England where he was chosen by JUDAS PRIEST among the last 25 for the position of vocalist, he met Arvanitis and they both begun to write CASUS BELLI first songs. In 1998, CASUS BELLI released their first demo entitled Promo One, featuring P. PEAVY WAGNER (RAGE) in a couple of songs,achieving 9/10 in Metal Hammer magazine.

During the sessions, and after the joining of keyboardist Bob Katsionis, drummer Fanis Balikos and bassist Fotis Anagnostou the basis of the band was built. In November of 2001 CASUS BELLI released their debut album entitled "MIRROR OUT OF TIME" through Sound & Vision distribution record company taking 8/10 in Metal Hammer magazine. After a number of gigs, in the final line up of the band was added bass guitarist Fotis Anagnostou from Holland, who manufactures hand –made bass guitars (EAS).

In 2005 Casus Belli have signed a contract with Limb Music Product & Publishing and in March of 2005 the band with Frank Huber (Valley’s Eve) on the drums, records in PROPHECY & MUSIC FACTORY STUDIOS ( MYSTIC PROPHECY ,CHASTAIN , VALLEY΄S EVE ) (Germany) the album “ In the name of Rose ”, produced by R.D.Liapakis (Valley’s Eve, Mystic Prophecy).The album takes remarkable critics around the world and 7/10 in Rock Hard magazine.Some of the band’s songs were included in albums such as Louder than the dragon 2 (by Limb) and Power Files (PowerPlay).

In 2007 a new member is added on the line up of Casus Belli,the incredible drummer Makis Gioulis (SOCRATES). At the time, the band is working on new material and promises a very true hard n’ heavy stuff!

Influences include: Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, Rhichie Blackmore, Rory Gallagher, Uli Jon Roth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, Warren Haynes-Derek Trucks, Giannis Spathas "Socrates Drank The Conium" best Greek band ever!