Paul Gilbert: well knock me down with a feather... mr big are back together!

Jenn over at metalichicka has been telling me for days that Paul was going to reform back with Mr Big... how I scoffed!!... no way I said... I distinctly recall Paul saying this would never happen... and yet low it has come to pass... it may be a sign of these credit crunch times, moneys a little tight to mention... but I guess you know the deal.

Paul Gilbert says
“Hello, this is Paul Gilbert, and you are listening to Kosa Kai, on Burrrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate. Mr. Big is back together. All original members, and we’re coming to Japan to play live. So, come check it out, and rock with us. Yeah!”
... check out the audio

Only goes to show that is the place to go for Paul Gilbert news! ... ahem... after visiting here of course...full details