Chris Broderick: readying a new cd

Bravewords posts:
Chris Broderick has checked in with the following brief studio update: "There are only three shows left on this tour and it has been one of the best tours I have had so far. I was lucky enough to have some time off to see a few cities; Milan, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Lisbon, and a little of Paris. This was all due to the days off between shows and the decent weather we are having right now. When seeing this, one really gets an appreciation for the history and culture that Europe has. The next time I am over here I hope to be able to see some more of Scandinavia, and other countries in the north. One other thing I want to comment on is all of the fans that have been to see multiple shows, Carlos and Miguel, and the French connection (whom I will see tonight hopefully), to name a few. I appreciate the support that you show us. Finally I want to mention that I will have a number that anyone can call on TheLiveLine Web site coming soon. Now it's back to practicing the solos for the upcoming CD."