Don Lappin: free skype lesson with new dvd

Don Lappin says:
This is an extended version of my DVD trailer with a very special offer! Order my DVD at the full purchase price of $64.95 (includes shipping) and you'll also receive a 1/2 hour private lesson using the on-line video program Skype!!! Skype is available as a free download and I have been teaching private lessons to students throughout the world with it. It works amazingly well!!! Be sure to check out my video of a lesson I did using Skype. It is a great example of how Skype actually works!!!

DVD Trailer; Free Private Lesson Included!

Cost is $59.95 plus $5 shipping. This is for 2 DVDs (3 hours and 25 minutes running time), as well as the data CD containing 10 backing tracks, and 60+ pages of music and tablature. buy: