Doug Doppler: featured on new hendrix tribute


Jimi Hendrix Tribute - Third Stone From The Sun (CD)

Third Stone From The Sun is an electrifying instrumental 2009 tribute to the legendary Jimi Hendrix that was produced and compiled by the Emmy Award winning guitarist, Brian Tarquin. Third Stone From The Sun explores new interpretations of classic Hendrix tunes by notable guitarists, such as James Ryan, Hal Lindes (Dire Straits), Chris Mahoney, Martin Winch, Larry Van Fleet, Howard Hart, Doug Doppler and Greg Rapaport to name a few. Bassist Randy Coven also turns in an amazing performance on "Star Spangled Banner".

Reviewer Robert Silverstein writes in the liner notes, "When you remember that Jimi Hendrix was heading toward a jazz rock fusion sound before he died, then you'll realize that Third Stone From The Sun is just the sort of album that Jimi would dig."
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