Frank Caruso: a reminder that 24 strings is just days away


Frank Caruso With Strings 24 Out In Shop: Strings 24's debut CD is sooming soon! The album will be released on Lion Music Records and it's due in the stores in March 20, 2009.

Strings 24 are a new project created by Frank Caruso, Stefano “Sebo” Xotta and Gianluca Ferro. These three axemen coming from different musical experiences decided to mix their styles into a new band dedicated to guitar, with the aim to raise its musical expression and compositional potential. The bands name comes from the three guitarist’s use of 8 string guitars (3x8=24).

Frank Caruso - Guitar.
Stefano “Sebo” Xotta - Guitar.
Gianluca Ferro - Guitar.
Gabriele Baroni - Bass.
Roberto Gualdi - Drums.
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Hammond on “Remember Blues”
Lorenzo Feliciati - Bass on “Remember Blues” and “Go Down Peter!”