George Marios: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Guitar Idol continues to draw great music, we're down to the last very days of heat 3 before the final draw...closes on March 29th 2009 5pm (GMT)... just before Musikmesse 2009, where I understand that George Marios and Tom Quayle will be appearing.

George Marios says:
This is the fourth track from my upcoming album, ‘Between two worlds’. It is a bluesy/funky piece that is about the tricks that you do when you are a kid:-) The song features some great playing by Nikos Tsiligoudis on Drums and Alex Deligiannidis on the Bass. It was recorded in Greece and in the UK and it was mixed by Tasos Karapapazoglou and i and mastered by him as well. The solo is completely improvised as i really like trying new things in my lines all the time… Well, thats about it, i hope that you like the song and vote for it. Good luck to everyone, Peace George Marios

PS As far as the laughs in the intro are concerned, Tom [Quayle] who was filming the thing was making some really naughty facial expressions so couldn’t help it:-)