Guthrie Govan: mattias ia eklundh usa clinc tour?

Spotted on the Guthrie Govan forum
Here's the tentative schedule of the clinics.

Jul 18 Sat - Raleigh, NY - Indoor Storm/RMA
Jul 20 Mon - Virginia Beach - Alpha Music
Jul 22 Wed - Washington DC - Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center
Jul 24 Fri - New York - TBA
Jul 25 Sat - Weymouth, MA - Matt's Music
Jul 27 Mon - Montreal, Canada - Diffusion Audio/Moog Music
Jul 29 Wed - Toronto, Canada - Cosmo Music
Jul 31 Fri - Chicago, IL - Make'n Music

There's a good chance that our visit to the Boston area will include the involvement of the Berklee College of Music and a possibility that the clinic will be held there with Suhr and Matt's Music sponsoring the event.

I'm working on securing a venue in Manhattan with the help of our dealer Guitar Man there. I hope to have that finalized soon. We may also have one more day in Chicago.

I'll keep you guys posted as these details get finalized. The dates for each city are pretty much set. Just a few little things to work out...