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Luay Rifai is a guitarist inhabiting the hard rock, shred, metal and progressive instrumental genres on his 2009 concept CD, Vital. The concept revolves around the miracle of being alive. A truly pulsating and dynamic, vibrant entity that is full of life, breathing, beating, with vivacious energy. The dialogue is on how merely having organic material as it is will not be sufficient to manifest life. It requires something very Vital which is the non-organic "essence", or soul, that runs through to connect all the different portions essential for the persistence of life. It's the search between body and soul. The musical counterpart to the concept is interpreted as the song being divided into several movements, each representing a fundamental element of a living entity. In addition to the "essence of living" which is signified by the main theme, there is a melodic run, played in different modes, recurring in each separate component of the entire instrumental. Without the essence, every other part is only organic and devoid of life. Yet still, if it isn't for each of the single organic constituents in every section, this very essence of living will also be lost. The essence of living is thriving to unite with the body throughout the whole track; it emerges frequently as the main theme in various shapes in attempts to join different organs together. Although tough at first with seemingly distant parallel alignment, by the finale they form one in harmony, denoting in totality the vital existence of the miracle of living.