Pat Martino: unstrung hero

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90 min. Documentary Feature Film

The human brain; three pounds of jellified fats, proteins, sugars and salts - a matrix of robotic cells housing a myriad of intricate machines. Stare hard at that machinery and you see... well that's all you see. Machinery. That's all there is. But look at the spirits bubbling up from the sludge. Look at the carnival of consciousness flowing from the void. How is this possible?

Neuropsychologist and author Paul Broks travels America in search of the soul of legendary jazz guitarist Pat Martino who was brutally silenced by memory stripping brain surgery. Through this remarkable story of his ascent from the depths of amnesia to the peak of artistry once more, Broks explores the nature of memory, self, creativity and the brain systems underlying personal identity making some ground-breaking discoveries on the way. Filmed in the US through 2006 & 2007, the film features Les Paul, Carlos Santana, Pete Townshend, Joe Pesci, John Pattitucci, Delmar Brown, Red Holloway...

"Perhaps the finest documentary about a jazz musician ever made." Vic Schermer 'All about Jazz' 2008

Written by: Paul Broks & Ian Knox
Produced & Directed by: Ian Knox
Photography by: Nyika Jancso & Ian Knox
Editor: Jonathan Morris
Music by: Pat Martino
Executive Producer: Rebecca O'Brien for Sixteen Films
Funding: The Wellcome Trust
International Sales: Sixteen Films strung/