Steve Stevens: new fuzz pedal


Steve Stevens says:
Hey Guys, As some of you might know i have a huge love for early Brit Prog Rock. Being a giant Robert Fripp fan, his early fuzz tone always had that something special that i found really hard to capture with all of the existing fuzz pedals i have owned. Well, a fair amount of google hours and i learned that he used a Burn Buzzaround. As the only clone i knew of was by DAM (for goddam expensive, lol) i found the original schematic and fired off an e-mail to Kevin Randall, the one guy i know that obsesses over these vintage pedals like i do. I asked if he'd be up for building a clone, a truly exact one with NOS transistors. Well 6 weeks later he sent me off 2 actually. Within 5 minutes of playing through it, the true Fripp tone was in there in a way no Big Muff, Tonebender, or Rat could come close to.

I was inspired enough to put together a very King Crimson inspired audio demo that you can download here.
Kevin has told me he will make this pedal available to the public although not in the red enclosure. Hope you guys dig this wierd and historic experiment. The photo shows the original Burns pedal and the Kevin version.

sounds pretty cool to me check out the post