Tom Quayle: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Heat 3 starts closes on March 29th 2009 5pm (GMT)... so just about time to squeeze in some more great playing:

Tom Quayle says:
This track is a tune from my debut album which should be released this year. All the drum, bass and synth parts are programmed by me and the solos are all completely improvised over some tricky changes! The track was composed and recorded in Logic Pro 8 using Stylus RMX and Trilogy Bass samples with all the guitar parts recorded direct using Amplitube 2. The changes are very much influenced by Greg Howe’s new album and the end riff after the solo is inspired by a Wayne Krantz rhythmic approach. This section should contain a drum solo but my rhythm programming doesn’t stretch to that so it’s not present in this version of the track. I hope you enjoy it! All the best, Tom

Chasing a Beat -