Francisco Meza: is the future for guitar videos?

That's it friends, the other epic and last song of my upcoming album titled "Innocence of Insanity" or "IOI" for short :)

All tracks are being mastered in a few days and then it is off to all online music retailers.

The album should be available by mid year

Remember the audio you hear here is not the same as the one being mastered. I re-record every song for the album and it will sound killer

Everything was recorded using the Pod X3 Live and/or Guitar Port by Line 6
Guitar used: Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Limited Edition 2007
I programmed the drums with EZ Drummer
Video edited with Sony Vegas

Innocence of Insanity - Original by Francisco Meza

The Departure of a Soul - Original by Francisco Meza

Rage and Pain - Original by Francisco Meza